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What Is A Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Simply put, pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) are the absolute fastest way for your website to be “at the top of Google” and Bing. While both using and being listed in a search engine website is free, both Google & Bing reserve the top portions and other key areas for paid advertisers. Paid search ads look almost exactly like other search results, but you control your message. Unlike SEO, you can reap the rewards of a PPC campaign today.

The Bottom Line Is... If You're Not On The First Page, Most People Won't Find Your Company When They're Searching For It.​

Did You Know?

0 %

of searches that start buying keywords click the PPC ad, while 35% click organic listing

0 %

of PPC visitors are more likely to buy a product or service than other website visitors.

0 %

of people who search for something nearby visit a business within one day.

$ 0

in revenue is made on average for every $1 a business spends on Google Ads.

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Types Of PPC Services


Standard PPC

Pay-Per-Click is getting more competitive and complex. Our Google & Bing Certified Managers will make it easy for you.

Local SEO Company

Local PPC

If you want to attract local customers, we can target users during their local buying process and convert them to clients.
Technical SEO Services

Display PPC

If your product is primarily visual, text may not tell the whole story. We’ll create attractive display ads people will click.
Reputation Enhancement

Remarketing PPC

Not every customer buys on the first visit. Remarketing helps ensure when they’re ready to act, you’re right there.
SEO Service in San Diego, CA

Starter PPC

If you have a small budget, we’ll work with you to find a way to make the most of a smaller budget. We’re creative!

Competitive PPC

We can help you target a specific competitor (or three) through data and strategic analysis to capture market share.

Our Process Blueprint


1. Determine Goals, Gather Analytics, and Research.

With your initial goals in mind, we’ll research your current keyword rankings, your competition and more to create a custom-tailored plan to make your goals a reality.

Website Development

2. Develop Best Strategies, Create Game Plan and Go.

We’ll determine how to best allocate your budget to bring as many customers to your doorstep as possible, all while making sure they turn into solid sales.

Pay-Per-Click Management in San Diego

3. Create Detailed Reporting, & Conversion Tracking.

Before and during our campaign, we’ll provide in-depth reporting showing progress and improvements every step of the way. It's simple: If you don’t win, we don’t win.

Drive massive sales growth

4. Finally, Rinse and Repeat. Fine Tune and Run Lean.

After our first milestone, we break down our results, find places to optimize, and do it again. Your campaign will become lean and mean as ROI gets better and better!

Free 10 Minute Call?

You Can Ask Us Anything.

We’re so confident that you’ll want to work with us, go ahead book a free 10-minute call and ask us anything. Ask us how we do it. We’ll tell you. No strings attached.

How Does PPC Management Work?

Although Paid Search campaigns provide near-instant results once launched, they’re a complex structure to run and maintain… especially if financial efficiency is important to you. A quality PPC Manager is always analyzing campaign data, making adjustments to bids, negative keywords, adjusting ad copy and key words to improve your quality score and thus your cost-per-click… the list goes on and on.

Quality PPC Management is building an advertising campaign that brings your company’s voice to people searching for what your company sells, bringing them to your site, and converting them to a paying customer, all while always adjusting your campaigns to decrease costs to squeeze every ounce of profit possible for you. Our PPC Managers care about providing the highest ROI possible on every dollar you spend.

If your company could use more business, you can almost certainly benefit from PPC ads. Even companies who are extremely successful in ranking their website at the top of Google for their desired keywords can benefit from a PPC campaign. People are ready to buy after clicking on a search ad, stats have proven that time and time again. If you’re looking for customers ready to buy, placing your ad at the prime location on internet search results is a great way to attract new clients.
Absolutely. All the tools are available for anyone to set up their own search ads to advertise whatever they’d like. But… although we make this seem easy, even running pay-per-click campaigns can be hard. We’ve spent years living and breathing all things digital marketing, and even now, we’re learning every day. The simple truth is you will make some pretty expensive mistakes, spending both time and money in the process. Likely 10 times more than you’d spend paying us to build and manage your campaigns. Instead, we can focus on what we do best for your company, and we’ll teach you everything we know along the way.
We’ve been doing this a long time, and not only do we know the technical aspect to digital advertising, but we also know how to get the best info out of you to build the best campaigns possible. We know there’s a technical language to high performing ads (there really is!) but when you combine that with a real human voice that resonates behind a text ad? That’s the key to success in digital marketing.

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