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Maybe it’s counterintuitive to how you think about the internet, but it’s true. Videos draw traffic and turn it into customers. People retain your message much better when consumed using video versus reading print. As a matter of fact, viewers retain 95% of what they watch versus only 10% when reading it in text. And you don’t need a Hollywood production to turn out something effective.

Everbilt Commercial

Guy Levy Law Ad Spot

Gen 5 Fertility Long Promo

The Bottom Line Is, If You're Going To Take The Time To Create Your Message, It Might As Well Be Presented In Video.

Eden Fertility Intro Video

Ocean Enterprises Promo Video

Real Estate Video Walkthrough

Did You Know?

0 %

is how much faster your business will grow when marketing with video.

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can be the increased conversion rate when your landing page contains video.

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people watch online videos every day.
Yeah, every day!

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increase in organic traffic to a page that has a prominent video.

Brian Tracy Video Explainer Video

Ion Robotics Cat Toy Product Video

Rock To Recovery Sizzle Reel

Types of Video Strategies We Use

Simply having a video may not necessarily be all you need to really crank sales into high gear; the good news is we have several proven strategies to turn your videos into real life, hold ’em in your hand sales. 

The 45-Day Expert Series is one of the best tools in our arsenal. 

Many potential customers are looking for trust signals when researching your product or service online, and there is nothing stronger than establishing yourself as an authority in your industry.

Using our proprietary video format, we will create 45 short videos with content geared to position you as an expert in your field. These videos will be distributed in a certain fashion and in a particular order to your chosen audience or demographic over 45-90 days. During this time when we are establishing you as a true field authority, we will be using specific calls to action to drive initial traffic to your company.

These campaigns typically build some exceptional momentum after 30 days, so be ready!

An Educational Sales Video, as lackluster as it might sound, is a powerful way to address the most frequently asked questions about your product of service. 

When used as part of the sales process, i.e. leading the customer down the online sales funnel (no, we’re not talking about gimmicky funnel pages here), the Educational Sales Video is a great way to address objections and questions in advance, while selling the product or service a bit while providing valuable information. You must provide true value for this to be effective. 

Creating Focused Landing Page Videos is one of the most effective video uses to create both traffic and conversions to your website. 

Typically, this video will describe a summary of your webpage, but another very effective way of utilizing this video is to post a video on any page that has a form or an action you want the customer to take. A video, explaining the process of filling out the form (or performing said action) is very effective in converting incoming traffic, which builds trust, rapport and eventually a much higher likelihood of a closed deal. 

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