Growth Tip #2: Create A Compelling Website Experience

Growth Tip #2: Create A Compelling Website Experience

What Is Digital Marketing?
You might be saying to yourself, “I have a pretty good looking website “ and that may be true. But is it your best salesperson? It should be. Imagine that if 5 people visited your site per day and they were so sold by your content, they couldn’t help but buy. Interesting thought, huh?

1. How Compelling Is Your Website?

When people are visiting your site online, you’d think they’re coming to learn about your services. Sometimes, that’s true. But the number one reason they’re visiting your site is to find a reason NOT to use your services. They’re looking for something fishy, something janky.

Does your website load slow? Is it confusing to navigate (for someone who isn’t you… think about it), does it clearly present your service in a way that’s a no brainer to buy/sign up, etc.?

I just got done establishing that your website needs to be your best sales tool, but first we have to make sure it’s not your biggest burden. Would something on it deter you or someone you know?

2. Homepage Vs. Landing Page

When marketing, many businesses make the mistake of using their homepage as the place to direct
all customers. Why wouldn’t you? That’s where all the stuff is, after all!

While that’s the first impulse for many business owners, it’s proven again and again to be a bad place
to direct visitors.

Companies find that specific landing pages outperform their homepage by 115%. And depending
on the state and efficacy of your homepage, it could be even higher.

Controlling the experience is key, and a well structured landing page is the way to do it.

Successful Landing Page Ingredients

Header + Hero Image showcasing your product or result of your service & a bold statement.

Initial Social Proof like Yelp reviews, satisfied customer statements, etc.

Test Call-To-Action with an initial offer. Make it good

Introduce The Problem while stating it in relatable terms.

Show How It Works and how they can use it, i.e. open, rinse, chop, eat.

More Social Proof with some additional testimonials.

Final, Clear Call-To-Action that is simple, yet compelling. No obligation style works best.

Alternative Call-To-Action with a different approach, i.e. instead of sign-up, offer a quick call.

My goal is to help the average business shift their perspective on what a website is and isn’t. Things have changed a lot, and if we’re not careful, your business can be left behind pretty quickly.

If you have any questions or something you can add that’ll help a fellow entrepreneur, drop us a message!

Generate Social Proof & Trust Signals

Growth Tip #6: Generate Social Proof & Trust Signals

About Social Proof & Trust Signals…
It’s not a new concept, but it’s extra important on the web. If you’re looking for a good dentist, you ask your neighbor Becky, with the good teeth. 😉 Online, people typically look for one of two things: lots of great reviews for a business, and/or someone who is like them recommending a business. They need reassurance they’re making the right decision going to you.

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Test, Iterate, Optimize, Analyze, Rinse & Repeat

Growth Tip #5: Test, Iterate, Optimize, Analyze, Rinse & Repeat

Check Your results, improve constantly
This is probably the most important step in this process, but the one that requires the least amount of detail. Things online are constantly moving. Tech trends are constantly shifting, and the way your customer searches, learns, and buys are always changing. You should always pay attention to the efficacy of your digital marketing, making tweaks and tests along the way.

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Create Small, Paid Social & Search Ad Campaigns

Growth Tip #4: Create Small, Paid Social & Search Ad Campaigns

While technically, you can run an ad at any time, with or without a dialed-in website, you’re likely to waste money doing so. But, if your message is sound and compelling, your website is on point and ready to convert traffic to qualified leads, paid ads are a great way to bring huge ROI.

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Work On Daily SEO Tasks

Growth Tip #3: Work On Daily SEO Tasks

Work on daily SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tasks & content? Really?!
Yes, really. In addition to paid ads, I received a good amount of traffic from organic web traffic, i.e. traffic when people search Google and click on the regular, unpaid links. I spent an insane amount of time on this and was obsessed on showing up in organic, local and paid search results on a page. Dominate!

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Prep For Online Prospects

Growth Tip #1: Prep For Online Prospects


For many industries, people browsing online exhibit different browsing behaviors than they may do in person. Many times, there are more distractions or a lower barrier of entry to shop elsewhere. Below area few ways to prep your product for online decision makers.

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