Growth Tip #5: Test, Iterate, Optimize, Analyze, Rinse & Repeat

Growth Tip #5: Test, Iterate, Optimize, Analyze, Rinse & Repeat

Check Your results, improve constantly

This is probably the most important step in this process, but the one that requires the least amount of detail. Things online are constantly moving. Tech trends are constantly shifting, and the way your customer searches, learns, and buys are always changing. You should always pay attention to the efficacy of your digital marketing, making tweaks and tests along the way.

1. Create A/B Tests

Let’s say you have an ad and it’s doing pretty well. Could it be better? Maybe people are clicking, but you’re not getting as many leads as you could.

Doing a/b tests on landing pages and ads is a great way to know you’re getting what you’re paying Google or Facebook for. Always test, always iterate.

2. Poll Your Customers

Is your messaging coming across right? Are your social media posts providing relevant content on Facebook and Instagram? Are you offering value?

Ask your customers what they want to see more of. Creating a poll is a great way to get engagement on your posts.

And when you end up posting something a follower requested, you can expect more activity on that post as a sign of gratitude. People love to be heard.

3. Never Stop Never Stopping

When we set up a new account, there’s always a TON of work to do in the beginning. SEO, building ads, creating a content strategy, etc. but once things slow down a little, you can carve out a little time each morning to accomplish one or two maintenance tasks.

Taking 10 minutes to 1 hour a day to promote your business is a great way to make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks. Never stop never stopping!

That’s it! You made it through my 6-Steps! How do you feel?

I know many of these tasks seem like a lot of work, but that’s because they are. But with enough determination and resolve, anyone can do it. I’ll do as much as I can to give you tips and tricks to grow your business using digital marketing, but much of it you’re just going to have to learn from experience.

That being said, I’m always here to help… whether that means build a growth plan from soup to nuts for your business, or just pinch hit when you need help, use Let’s Get Clicks as a resource. I took my business from zero to hero… I can do the same for yours.

Generate Social Proof & Trust Signals

Growth Tip #6: Generate Social Proof & Trust Signals

About Social Proof & Trust Signals…
It’s not a new concept, but it’s extra important on the web. If you’re looking for a good dentist, you ask your neighbor Becky, with the good teeth. 😉 Online, people typically look for one of two things: lots of great reviews for a business, and/or someone who is like them recommending a business. They need reassurance they’re making the right decision going to you.

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Create Small, Paid Social & Search Ad Campaigns

Growth Tip #4: Create Small, Paid Social & Search Ad Campaigns

While technically, you can run an ad at any time, with or without a dialed-in website, you’re likely to waste money doing so. But, if your message is sound and compelling, your website is on point and ready to convert traffic to qualified leads, paid ads are a great way to bring huge ROI.

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Work On Daily SEO Tasks

Growth Tip #3: Work On Daily SEO Tasks

Work on daily SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tasks & content? Really?!
Yes, really. In addition to paid ads, I received a good amount of traffic from organic web traffic, i.e. traffic when people search Google and click on the regular, unpaid links. I spent an insane amount of time on this and was obsessed on showing up in organic, local and paid search results on a page. Dominate!

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What Is Digital Marketing?

Growth Tip #2: Create A Compelling Website Experience

You might be saying to yourself, “I have a pretty good looking website “ and that may be true. But is it
your best salesperson? It should be. Imagine that if 5 people visited your site per day and they were so
sold by your content, they couldn’t help but buy. Interesting thought, huh?

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Prep For Online Prospects

Growth Tip #1: Prep For Online Prospects


For many industries, people browsing online exhibit different browsing behaviors than they may do in person. Many times, there are more distractions or a lower barrier of entry to shop elsewhere. Below area few ways to prep your product for online decision makers.

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