What Is Digital Marketing and Does Your Business Need It?

What Is Digital Marketing and Does Your Business Need It?

Whether you know it or not, you’re bombarded by digital marketing every day. If you’re here right now, you’ve probably been exposed to at least 20 different methods of marketing online. Heck, you’re kinda being marketed to right now. But that’s nothing new.

If you’ve been in business for any period of time, you know that marketing in one form or another is critical to your business.

When I first started marketing in 1998, mailers and cold calls were the most common form of attracting a client to your business.

So, what is Digital Marketing?

In a nutshell, digital marketing is simply marketing. In 2019.

Sometimes it’s hard for businesses to understand that digital marketing has all but replaced what has been considered as traditional marketing.

But here’s a good thought exercise to help you understand the shift: if you’re thinking about ways to grow your business, does taking out an ad in the Yellow Pages come to mind?

No? Why not? Well, related to the fact that the last Yellow Pages book will be printed in 2019, people have almost stopped using print media entirely.

Ten years ago, advertising in the Yellow Pages would bring great returns. I know, I had the biggest computer repair ad in my local directory. $1,500/mo would bring me a decent amount of business.

But now, 97% of all local searches are done on online sources. It’s safe to say that local marketing is almost entirely Digital Marketing.

But what if you’re a company that relies on national marketing?  National Radio or TV? Probably not?

What about direct mail? Direct mail is still a non-digital marketing method that gets results, but let’s take a look at the cost per client acquisition below:

The household cost per acquisition for direct mail is $26.40 (compared to $10.32 email, $20.32 social media, $16.22 paid search, $24.75 internet display). (Source: DMA)

Not only does this show that email and paid search cost roughly half of what direct mail does for the same client, but we’re also forgetting that direct mail still has some aspect of digital marketing involved as a follow-up, i.e. sign up forms, applications, email follow-ups, etc.

That being said, even using digital marketing in conjunction with direct mail see a significant increase in client acquisition, however, using direct mail greatly increases your cost per acquisition.

Direct mail with digital ads yield 28% higher conversion rate. (Source: NonProfit PRO)

And if your goal is to get a client to call  to complete a transaction:

90% visit website first before calling. (Source: Huffington Post)

A bad website can decrease a successful marketing campaign’s conversation rate by a large margin (by up to 100% depending on how bad your website is)

A typical website conversion rate is about 2.35% on average. But the top 10% of companies are seeing 3-5x higher conversion rates than average.

The average conversion rate of a Facebook ad is 9.21%

(Conversion Rate is the rate that a potential customer or visitor converts to a lead or acquisition.)

An effective and specialized landing page on your website can convert visitors at a much, much higher rate than if they just land on your home page.

Furthermore, businesses with over 40 landing pages generated a whopping 12 times more leads than those with 1-5 landing pages.

I know that’s a lot to take in, but in summary, digital marketing is simply today’s marketing.

There are other ways to market, but in 2019, digital marketing remains by far, the most efficient and cost-effective form of marketing for most small businesses in the US.

Generate Social Proof & Trust Signals

Growth Tip #6: Generate Social Proof & Trust Signals

About Social Proof & Trust Signals…
It’s not a new concept, but it’s extra important on the web. If you’re looking for a good dentist, you ask your neighbor Becky, with the good teeth. 😉 Online, people typically look for one of two things: lots of great reviews for a business, and/or someone who is like them recommending a business. They need reassurance they’re making the right decision going to you.

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Test, Iterate, Optimize, Analyze, Rinse & Repeat

Growth Tip #5: Test, Iterate, Optimize, Analyze, Rinse & Repeat

Check Your results, improve constantly
This is probably the most important step in this process, but the one that requires the least amount of detail. Things online are constantly moving. Tech trends are constantly shifting, and the way your customer searches, learns, and buys are always changing. You should always pay attention to the efficacy of your digital marketing, making tweaks and tests along the way.

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Create Small, Paid Social & Search Ad Campaigns

Growth Tip #4: Create Small, Paid Social & Search Ad Campaigns

While technically, you can run an ad at any time, with or without a dialed-in website, you’re likely to waste money doing so. But, if your message is sound and compelling, your website is on point and ready to convert traffic to qualified leads, paid ads are a great way to bring huge ROI.

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Work On Daily SEO Tasks

Growth Tip #3: Work On Daily SEO Tasks

Work on daily SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tasks & content? Really?!
Yes, really. In addition to paid ads, I received a good amount of traffic from organic web traffic, i.e. traffic when people search Google and click on the regular, unpaid links. I spent an insane amount of time on this and was obsessed on showing up in organic, local and paid search results on a page. Dominate!

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What Is Digital Marketing?

Growth Tip #2: Create A Compelling Website Experience

You might be saying to yourself, “I have a pretty good looking website “ and that may be true. But is it
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sold by your content, they couldn’t help but buy. Interesting thought, huh?

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Prep For Online Prospects

Growth Tip #1: Prep For Online Prospects


For many industries, people browsing online exhibit different browsing behaviors than they may do in person. Many times, there are more distractions or a lower barrier of entry to shop elsewhere. Below area few ways to prep your product for online decision makers.

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